Tenant Selection

This Tenant Selection Plan outlines the procedures that will be followed in selecting tenants for UC Manor. The Property Manager is responsible for implementing and ensuring these procedures are followed according to regulatory requirements.

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Admissions Application

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NOTE:  All forms must be completed in their entirety and signed and dated.

General Statement: The United Church Home Society (sponsor) through the Section 202/8 housing program, offered by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, created the United Church Manor to help meet the needs of the elderly and handicapped/disabled.

Equal Opportunity: The United Church Manor shall not on account of race, color, sex, familiar status, religion, age, disability, handicap, national origin, or on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status:

  1. Deny any individual the opportunity to apply for housing at the United Church Manor, nor deny to any otherwise eligible applicant the opportunity to lease suitable housing;
  2. Provide housing which is different than that provided others;
  3. Subject a person to segregation or disparate treatment;
  4. Restrict a person's access to any benefit enjoyed by others in connection to Section 202/ Section 8 housing.



ELIGIBLE APPLICANT - as defined by HUD regulatory agreement and policies related to Section 202/8 housing for the Elderly who have attained the age of 62 years or older and Handicapped who have attained the age of 18 years or older.

ELDERLY PERSON - One who is at least 62 years old.

ELDERLY HOUSEHOLD - A household whose head or spouse is elderly, handicapped, or disabled. The household may be two or more elderly, handicapped or disabled persons who are not related, or one or more such person living with someone essential to their care or well being.

HANDICAPPED - A person with a physical or mental impairment that:

  1. is expected to be of long-continued and indefinite duration, or
  2. substantially impedes the persons ability to perform activities of daily living, or
  3. is such that the person’s ability to perform activities of daily living could be improved by more suitable housing conditions.
  4. As related to United Church Manor, HUD Sections 202/8, a handicapped person must have mobility impairment.


INCOME LIMITs as of April 1, 2024

SINGLE RESIDENT - (one person) $33,950.00




  • Wages
  • Social Security
  • SSI
  • Interest, dividends, etc.
  • Pensions, etc.

All sources of income will be verified through third parties as stated in the Pre-Admission Application for Residence.

Individual rent amount is based upon 30% of adjusted monthly income, less allowances for medical expenses above 3% of annual income, including:

  • Medical Insurance premiums
  • Medication/Dentures/Glasses/Hearing Aid Costs, etc.
  • Doctor’s visits not covered by Medicare/Medicaid
  • An additional elderly allowance is given in the amount of $400.00.


  • Heat
  • Water
  • Window Treatments
  • Carpet, (in non handicapped units)
  • Appliances



Applicants meeting the following criteria will have preference over any other applicants not so qualified.

SUBSTANDARD HOUSING - Housing which is dilapidated and whose present condition does not provide safe and adequate shelter. Where the condition of the premises endanger the health, safety and welfare of the residents or it has one or more critical defects or a combination of intermediate defects in sufficient number to require considerable repair or rebuilding.

INVOLUNTARY DISPLACEMENT - Where applicant will vacate or has vacated a housing unit as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Natural disaster that results in the units being uninhabitable.
  2. Activity by the Federal, State or local government bodies or agencies for code enforcement or public improvement.
  3. Action by an owner where applicant has to vacate the premises beyond the applicant’s ability to control.   
  4. Individual seeking protection under VAWA.

INCOME AT OR BELOW 30% OF MEDIAN IN THE AREA IN WHICH APPLICATION IS MADE - Income is at or below $20,350.00 annually for single individual or $22,250.00 for two.